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Advanced technology

The full automatic laser welding machine imported from Germany is imported, and the fin and base pipe are fully welded. The higher the penetration rate, the higher the heat transfer efficiency;

High performance, lightweight

It greatly improves the heat transfer efficiency and saves energy by more than 30% compared with the same specification of high frequency welding finned tube;

Patent manufacturing

Our patent R & D and manufacturing pipe bending machine can bend straight pipe into various shapes to meet the needs of customers。

Suzhou Aiermart Energy Saving Technology Co.,Ltd
It is made of stainless steel

High penetration rate can prevent gap corrosion, prolong service life and reduce heat transfer resistance;

The steel aluminum composite

The materials of heat exchange tube and condenser tube should have excellent heat transfer performance, good corrosion resistance, erosion resistance and wear resistance, as well as good strength。

Application of laser welding for fin and tube

Laser welded finned tube is widely used in petroleum and petrochemical industry, electric power, solar energy, mechanical and electrical equipment, medicine, food, boiler, air conditioner, combustor, ship and other fields at home and abroad。

Almat provides customers with one-stop service

Have many years of production experience
Yahong has many years of production experience
We have a solid technical background and industry experience, equipped with senior technical team, can flexibly deal with various difficult problems according to the actual situation, and provide exclusive application solutions。
Our own products include finned tube, laser welded fin tube, high efficiency and energy saving laser welding finned tube, patented products are spiral coil machine, mosquito repellent incense pipe bender, etc。
Have many years of production experience





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Suzhou Aiermart Energy Saving Technology Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. It has been established for 7 years. Relying on German advanced technology and high-end equipment, the company realizes the R & D and production of high-efficiency and precision laser welding finned tube. The company's main products are high-efficiency and energy-saving laser welding finned tube; patented products are spiral coil machine, mosquito repellent .....[MORE+]
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